PYLON Presents: Red Ribbon Week Spirit Days 10/25-10/29

Monday 10/25Tuesday 10/26Wednesday 10/27Thursday 10/28Friday 10/29
Snuggle Up With Paws-itive ChoicesStay Paws-itive and Bright. Wear Tie Dye Tuesday!Celebrate Red Ribbon by Wearing RedBulldogs do Their BEST and make PAWS-ITIVE CHOICES. What a treat to make Paws-itive choices.
Dress in your pajamas to show you take good care of yourself by getting enongh sleep.Bulldogs are positive and bright! Let’s shine wearing colorful tie dye!Wear Red to celebrate our choices of being safe and healthy.Show your Bulldog Pride: Wear Nazareth/LNES colors.Say “Boo” to poor choices. Bring your costume or dress in fall colors.

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