The LNES Winter Holiday Shop

Will Soon Be Here!

This year’s Winter Holiday Shop will be filled with all types of inexpensive gifts for the holiday season. The children get very excited and proud of the choices they make as they learn the spirit of giving. The gift prices range from $.50 to $5.00… appropriate for a child’s budget.

The shop will be open from Monday, December 6th through Thursday December 9th.

Students Shop Hours 9:00am – 2:00pm

Each class will be provided a time to shop

If you have any questions please contact Taylor Nielsen (801) 755-1850 or

You child should have already received a paper with information about the Holiday Shop and a budget list at the bottom. To make it is easier for parent volunteers and children, on the day your child is scheduled to shop, please cut off the Holiday Shop Budget List and send it with your child’s money in a sealed envelope labeled “Holiday Shop”, your child’s fire/last name and teacher’s name. Checks or cash are allowed. If you send a check, please sign and make payable to LNES PTA with a maximum spending amount. Please leave the amount blank on the check and we will complete during checkout ensuring not exceed the provided budget.

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